Song Portraits

The ultimate gift of love, appreciation, and personal legacy. Song Portraits are musical compositions Lynn creates especially for a bride, groom, wedding couple, spouse, parent, child, or friend celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other special event. Lynn is also comfortable composing a song for someone with an illness, or a compassionate song given to a loved one experiencing trauma or grief. Here's how it works: * The first stage of this creative gift is an interview process with the people who have commissioned the song. Lynn collects anecdotes, particular qualities, and important moments as reference points. * In the second stage, Lynn composes the music and lyrics to suit the characteristics and unique features of her "subject" (often provided in secret by family and friends in order to surprise the person that the song will be created for). * The final stage is recording the song on a CD for presentation at the event and given as a keepsake. Lynn may also perform the song live at a wedding or special event, if requested. This is the perfect way to celebrate the story or particular memory of a loved one through song. Please call 303.239.6021 for more information and composing/performing fees