"World Salon" Writing Projects 

I am excited to be participating in a new online arts community called "World Salon". Creativity coach and author extraordinare, Eric Maisel, will host this exciting new website. It will feature artists worldwide who regularly submit a "Letter From" their respective cities or home base, sharing thoughts about how their location affects their art There's also a "Coach's Corner" section, featuring works from coaches who want to impart some tips, words of wisdom, and reflections to help others in their…

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Between The Lights 

Happy autumn! I am currently 'between the lights', meaning I am working on writing and composing projects, rather than preparing for a scheduled performance. I go through phases and waves where I am in and out of the public eye. Like the seasonal shift toward winter, I am moving inward, hunkering down to weave songs and stories into the cozy nest of my studio. Winter is kind to me in this way.