New Voice Training CDS for TG Women! 

In 2010, I released a two-volume set of voice training CDs for TG women called "The Music of the Feminine Voice". I combine my musical and coaching background with lots of anecdotes, tips, and exercises. It is creative and a fresh approach to voice training, and suitable for all trans women interested in exploring a playful, effective way to feminize their speech through song. Here are the links: Volume 1 is called "Creative Expression"

Volume 2 is called…Read more

My new book is released! 

I am proud to announce the new release of 'Vocal Pathways: Exploring the Heart of Our Sound' which is now available on Amazon. To check out the paperback version, visit and for the eBook, the link is

Moving Inside 

Autumn, 2009 As the light and warmth give way to shorter days and cooler nights, I move inside to the world of writing and composing. I love the internal nature of words and rhythms as they reveal themselves to me in poetry, fiction, and song. I will spend time inside my studio and also in Taos, New Mexico, this fall, working on writing projects and witnessing the changing light and colors of autumn. Time for clarity and crisper air!