VOICE COACHING FEBRUARY 26, 2010 NEWSFLASH! Lynn has just released a two-volume set of voice training CDs for TG women called "The Music of the Feminine Voice". She combines her musical and coaching background with lots of anecdotes, tips, and exercises. It is creative and a fresh approach to voice training. Here are the links: Volume 1 is called "Creative Expression http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lynnskinner4 Volume 2 is called "Creative Exercises http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lynnskinner5 LYNN'S COACHING IN A NUTSHELL: Lynn has been a voice trainer and coach for over 30 years. Young singers enjoy Lynn's playful and personable approach. Older singers, actors, and business professionals receive Lynn's coaching and guidance in breath work, projection, resonance, placement, articulation, communication and performance skills. Elders (60-80 years of age) enjoy Lynn's relaxed and supportive style as she helps build vocal strength, resilience, and tone. TG girls and women are welcome in Lynn's world of coaching. Her love of music, performance, and knowledge of the human voice are wonderful tools as she helps her TG clients develop better ear training for pitch and range expansion, creating more feminine speaking patterns, resonance, placement, vocal clarity, expression, and authenticity. FOR A LINK TO PURCHASE LYNN'S OTHER TG FEMINIZATION CDS, PLEASE VISIT THE "LINKS" PAGE. Regardless of age or experience, Lynn strives to instill confidence, creativity, and joy in her clients.”