WELCOME TO LYNN SKINNER'S WEBSITE! To hear music examples of some of my CDs, visit the "Music" page. For my performing/teaching/writing schedule, visit the "Schedule" page. To purchase my new book, CDs and mp3s, please visit the "Goods/Services" page. I am thrilled to announce the January, 2019, release on Amazon of my new paperback and eBook, 'Vocal Pathways: Exploring the Heart of Our Sound'. This book offers some musings and vocal vignettes about my experiences as a performing artist, voice coach, and someone who believes our voices affect our legacy and our humanity. Check it out on Amazon! 2019 looks to be a more visible year for me as a performer. I have taken a long hiatus from the public stage, and am feeling the pull to emerge from this creative cocoon through words, sounds and songs. Stay tuned. Music, writing, and coaching continue to be my greatest inspiration as I enjoy so many diverse and exquisite opportunities, clients, conversations, and outlets. Come on in. Browse around. Read a little. Snack on some songs. Feast on some photos. Make yourself at home.