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Lynn Skinner: Goods/Services

Here are Lynn's eclectic music recordings, available only through cdbaby:

Lynnie Sings Joni ~ Snapshots from the Stage - CD online

This is Lynn's first recording featuring some of her Joni Mitchell tribute material. Captured live at a Swallow Hill concert, this digital release includes repertoire from Joni's 1971-1974 period. To visit Lynn's cdbaby artist page and check out audio clips, please click this icon:

Lynn Skinner: Lynnie Sings Joni: Snapshots from the Stage
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Vocal Pathways: Exploring the Heart of Our Sound - Paperback and eBook

There is something so honest and impressionable about the human voice. As a direct link between our inner and outer worlds, the way we actually live our day-to-day lives can make a ‘sound’ difference. Whether speaking or singing, everything from tonal beauty to biting bitterness passes though our tiny little vocal cords and imprints the hearts of others.
Whether we know it or not, our vocal behaviors create pathways that directly influence our legacy and humanity.

Several years ago, Lynn Skinner started a blog. She was compelled to shed light on more than her own experiences and insights as a seasoned singer and voice coach. She wanted to explore these vocal pathways that affect us all. By revising particular blog submissions from 'The Voice Guide', along with adding new chapters, this book has evolved from those pages into something more polished, universal and unique.

Anyone who is curious, confused, frustrated, or thrilled about the power and impact of the human voice may find a note of guidance, inspiration and humor in these musings and vocal vignettes.
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Interior Motives - Original Music

This collection of Lynn's own compositions and arrangements takes you on a journey into jazz/pop/rock/new age and beyond. Stirring lyrics and diverse instrumentation expose Lynn's creative depth, sincerity, and integrity as a singer/songwriter and recording artist.

Lynn Skinner: Interior Motives

Faure Explore - French Art Songs

A sublime recording of 19th century French art songs featuring the music of Gabriel Faure set to poetry by Paul Verlaine, Victor Hugo, and others. Liner note translations make this CD widely accessible.

Lynn Skinner: Faure Explore

Gems in The Rough - Jazz/Brazilian

This sensuous collaboration with guitarist/arranger Vohn Regensburger features songs with string orchestrations performed in Portuguese, Italian, French, and English. Love songs, selections from movies, and original music flow together into something lush and romantic.

Lynn Skinner: Gems in The Rough

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